Yuva Cricket joins USYCA as member - Aug 01 2013

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Yuva Cricket joins USYCA as member. This is big step forward for Yuva Cricket. We are hoping this partnership will enable the kids to gain more exposure to cricket in America.

Yuva vs NJ Under 13 on Jul 27 2013

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Game: Yuva vs NJ Under 13
Venue: OldBridge Township, NJ
Date: Jul 27 2013

After all the confusion about, if smaller kids can play or not, we finally ended up with 7th kids on the filed on Sat morning sharply @10am.  On the hindsight, all our 7 and 8 years old could have easily played them, except one bowler from their team. Anyways, its better to be safe. 
Kids warmed up with light stretching followed up with some bowling practice. Host recommended to play 25 overs game each, so that everyone gets


With a lush green backdrop on a nice sunny day, both the teams lined up in whites and shook each other hands. NJ teamwere generous enough to give 4 players for Yuva to make 11 each.  Akul did the honors of captaining the team, and lost the toss. Host team opted to put us in. Akul asked Sravan and Nitish toopen the innings. Sharply at 11am the game started. Openers played almost a flawless innings. NJ captain (13ys old), is an awesome bowler with good pace. Sravan and Nitish negotiated him quite comfortably. I was impressed one of the bouncer he bowled, aimed toward Nitish face, I was even more impressed at the way Nitish went after that ball, attempting an hook shot, but missed it.  After 6 overs I pulled the openers out in favor of giving chances to all the batsmen (we may not do this in the coming games, to play proper games). Akul and Mithil replaced the openers. After surviving one life, Mithil started to play some shots, connected some and missed some. But the running between the wicket for this pair was amazing. Akul started connecting a few shots, but was unlucky to get caught. Mithil was holding one end, Vinush & Siddarth perished after playing few good shots. Mithil was pulled out to give chances to other batsmen. Vikash got out in the second ball and was very very upset. The 4 new guys from NJ team chipped in. Mihir from NJ played well. Nitish and Mithil went back for batting, and added few more runs. We ended up with 95 runs in 25 overs, assisted by considerable amount of extras.

During the innings break we as a team decided to go with Mihir & Mithil for opening the bowling, because they can generate some good pace. Praveen who was umpiring offered to help Akul in the field. NJ team sent two of their smallest batsmen for opening, so I ran back into the field and told Praveen, since small kids are coming, go with our slower bowlers. So Praveen tossed the ball to Vikash to do the honors of opening the bowling. Vikash started bowling straight and full, and bowled a tight over. But it was quite obvious we underestimated the batsmen   (don't judge by height :-) ). Apparently it was their best batsmen on crease, the way they played was amazing, they can drive, cut and pull. Vinush bowled another tight over from the other end. First spell from Vinush and Vikash was pretty tight with less wides. Vinush bowled a few nice yorkers, but their batsmen negotiated those balls safely. Nitish off spin skills are mind blowing, nice flight, bounce and turn.  It was good to see Nitish, trying some variations. Then he took a nice catch off his own bowling an
d draw first blood. Mithil replaced Vinush and started bowling in good pace. Meantime Akul was doing an amazing job behind the wickets, saving wides and byes. Remember, he was never trained to be a wicket keeper, and it is one of the toughest job on the field. Vikash came back for his second spell and bowled beautiful line and length and forced the batsmen drive, and Nitish took another low catch in short covers. Vikash followed up with another length ball and forced an edge, but Vinush couldn't get to an half chance catch  Siddarth started his spell tentatively and was rusty in the first over, but his run up and rhythm improved towards the last 2 overs and bowled some good length balls. Likewise, Sravan started tentatively, but finished it on a high with a length ball, forcing the batsmen drive fiercely and Mithil took a stupendous catch at shorts covers diving forward and catching the ball inches off the ground. Everyone was stunned with the quality of that catch. Nitish, Vikash and Sravan each took a wicket. Host won the game in 20th over, but we played all the 25 overs.

We dropped 5 easy catches, if we would have taken all of them and if we didn't rotate batsmen for giving chances, I am sure it would have been a very tight game. Personally, it was a treat to watch the game. Me and all the parents were extremely proud the way the team played their first ever "real" game, that too a 25 overs game. Hope to see more improvements in the coming games. Once we have full Yuva strength, I am sure we can beat this team.

We need to thank the host team for making us feel comfortable and helping us in every way. They shared kit, new ball and sponsored lunch for parents and kids. 


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